Junior Golf Programs


At Straight Flight Golf our goal is to give juniors the coaching, instruction, and positive support needed for them to improve their game and to grow as individuals. Our philosophy goes beyond just golf lessons, we have a clear path for our juniors to follow to enable them to see long term improvement and achieve their golfing potential.
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Will we be on the course?
Yes. There is more to golf than just the range. Often juniors and adults are good on the range and poor on the course. We will provide both on the course and range practice to improve actual golf scenarios encountered when not in instruction.
What is the approx. student to instructor ratio?
Typically the ratio is 6:1. On occasion there may be 7:1 depending on the circumstances and approval of others in the group.
What is emphasized other than golf?
SFG will stress golf fundamentals AND a life skill during each session. An example is "balance and responsibility" or "posture and respect" to develop a good golfer and good citizen as well.
We will gloss over basics and focus on real golf?
At the beginning of each multiple week session our coaches will review fundaments of grip, alignment, stance and posture to refresh the students knowledge and have a reference point from where to begin.
Can I make up a class if I miss one?
SFG dedicated their time and sets the schedule of class. Think of it as college setting. If you happen to miss a class, for whatever reason, other than weather, it is your responsibility to practice to make up what was missed. In case of weather, SFG will reschedule class either for that week or at the end of the session.
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Gretchen R.
What a wonderful gift you've given Jack
At the end of each lesson he has come home happy, proud, more knowledgeable, and more in love with golf. A true teacher does not only instill knowledge in their students, but also a lifelong love of learning. You've done that for our little Jack and we are forever grateful. Thank you!!!

Cindy W. CWH
You are a great Teacher
“We had a great time. You are a great teacher and I know you will be successful. We will practice and call for our next lesson!

Mary W. SLC, UT
Thank You, Chip
Thank you, Chip, for helping us! The tips were very helpful and you have a lot of patience! I cannot wait to try out my new learnings. Thank you Chip, for helping us!

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